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melmac - melmac (RND07)
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Melmac is a young Parisian duo formed by two brothers (Luc and Nicolas Reverter) in 1998.
At the frontier of multiple influences, Melmac creates their own world between post-rock (Godspeed, Mogwai), electronica (Tarwater) and clever collages (Yann Tiersen, Pascal Comelade).
The band is now releasing their third album on the Ronda label (distributed by Musicast).

After the first rehearsals in 1998, their self-produced album "On efface tout et on recommence" (March 1999) became a real springboard amongst the public and press. The listener moves through fragile and playful collages that hint at Pascal Comelade or Steve Reich, or steps into more mature compositions that resemble the post-rock world of Mogwai. The duo sets listeners in a strangely personal soundscape. This first venture was admired by fans of this music genre and hailed by the specialized press like Magic or Popnews:

"Contrary to many up-and-coming groups, Melmac is here to stay and shine among the constellations of introspective electro." (Magic! December 1999).

On a roll, Melmac gave concerts in Reims, opening for Console, and at the Instants Chavirés in Montreuil (a space renowned for its avant-garde programming). These performances revealed a new side of the group, a musical direction that was more electronic and experimental. The group then featured on several compilations (including Popnews#2 alongside Lambchop, Migala and Transbeauce), proving itself to be a band in constant evolution. A group capable of assessing its work objectively without blindly rejecting its past choices.

In 2001, Melmac released an EP "00:20:37", on the Perversion Mécanique label. This record invites listeners to dive into an ocean of disturbing electronic waves. The same year, the band released another EP "P1vsP2" on the Hinah label. It features a live performance with repetitive loops that take the listener on a lighter, hypnotic sound voyage. The group continued their experimentations during concerts in 2002 and with their opening for Piano Magic and Don Nino.

One of those sessions, recorded in May 2002, was released on the Ronda label as "Game_02".

In 2005, Melmac releases their first full-length album "Les secours arrivent et prennent le relais" which features a collaboration with the band Transmissionary Six (with members of the Walkabouts and Willard Grant Conspiracy). This record allows the band to focus on more melodic compositions, based on less abstract structures. Melmac's samples are created from original instruments (like thumb piano, gamelan, steel drum) that open new horizons to their utterly unique musical world.
This album was a big success for the band and have been hailed by some major medias in France (Arte TV, Magic, Radio Nova, etc.).

After a composition process that lasted over two years, Melmac is back with a new record. The band decided to explore dark moods floating with a weightless sensation. They mix dreams and nightmares with flying or crying guitars and truly destabilizing samples. Melmac unveils a more lugubrious and emaciated vision of its artistic world.


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