Label Ronda

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ref : rnd18

free download : mp3 (98 Mo) / flac (280 Mo)wav(815 Mo)
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In the creation of this new opus, the three Parisians turn to music that is undeniably full of life, movement and emotion. Machines are set aside and replaced by live recordings.
The result encourages us to wander through urban urgency, psychedelic hallucinations and calm contemplation. Music from the here and now, fed by simple pleasures, inviting us to live in the moment.


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Reference : rnd16
Title :Au chevet des blessé
Artists : French Doctors

Olivier Manchion - Ogrob - Frank de Quengo - Edward Perraud - Nicolas Marmin aka_Bondage 

"Ultra-tight explosive free-rock, notruling out silence as a playmate"

33rpm Translucent red vinyl - 200 copies
Buy it - 16 € (inclusive shipping)

Four surgical strikes recorded by Lionel Darenne & Etienne Foyer in 2004 at Les Instants Chavirés.
Red cardboard sleeve covered with splashes of human blood, +  a strip of gauze
+ a Poster "Waterloo Quotidien" (= Everyday Waterloo).

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Reference : Rnd 17
Title : The Bay
Artists : Julien Demoulin & IA
Coproducted with Basses Fréquences

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A tribute to both a great friendship and the mist-mantled San Francisco Bay Area, “The Bay” is a sprawling forty-minute drone piece recorded and produced in 2009 and 2010 over the course of several journeys between Oakland, California and Brussels, Belgium.
Guitar and vocal drones, environmental recordings and flute merge to form an emotional travelogue at the grey boundaries of the dreaming and waking worlds…in celebration of reminiscence, before a darkling dawn, deep under the skies of water…

Listen to extact 1 or extract 2



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