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Label Ronda

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date : September of 2008
artist : Suboko
song : HORI16/11
format : mp3
length : 13'
size : 6 Mo

contact : cutindex(at)no-log.org
link : http://www.myspace.com/suboko

date : November of 2007
artist : Sun Plexus 2
song : fat club (démo)
format : mp3
length : 7'
size : 9.5Mo

contact :
link : http://sunplexus.free.fr/

The mp3 of this month announces the rebirth of Sun Plexus in the new Sun Plexus 2. Ronda will produce their new record for december (what a wonderful gift for Christmas!).
The song is named "fat club" and it is a demo version of the song that will appear on the record.

A record that the band presents as "an anthem to the drugs taken during the 2 last years".

date : march of 2007
artist : LuckyR
song : sans titre
format : mp3
length : 31'
size : 59Mo

contact :
info (at) ronda-label.com

This mp3 single is the first come-back of LuckyR after is first album for Ronda.
The song is a soundtrack composed for the installation of the graphist Shuck in the french ministry of culture.
With this piece, LuckyR fits Jeff Cohen's piano with haunted hip hop beats upon a white noise background. This builds a kind of strange discussion between Philip Glass and stoned MCs in an old Royal palace.
A real experimentation to listen (on this site) and to see and feel at the French Ministry of Culture, Paris, Rue de Valois until the 18th of March. Free Admitance.

special thanks to David Gil(Passport Number) and Philippe Castro for their useful help.

date : December of 2006
artist : Year of no light
song : sans titre
format : mp3
length : 6'13
size : 8.70Mo

contact :
yearofnolight (at) radarswarm.com

link :


This band from Bordeaux (France) plays a music that offers a cold fusion between post-rock and metal. Mixing for the best the artistics worlds of band like Isis, Pelican or Mogwai, Year of no light brings its own frightening vision of the evolution of a rock'n'roll that refuses boundaries. Their first album "Nord" (label Radar Swarm) is a must-have. this untitled new song, recorded during one of their apocalyptic live appearance confirms that Year of No Light intend to stay in the place. Please fasten your seat belt for this voyage with aerial moods, screaming guitar and hypnotical melodies!.

date : June of 2006
artist : Flowers from the man who shot your cousin
title : Wild Geese
format : mp3
length : 2'46
size : 3.80Mo

contact :
f.ftmwsyc (at)
link :

"Here I am, breaking into this fine ronda to deliver my two cents. Not quite three minutes long, but unreleased nevertheless. The song is not about my family but about one person. One person is pretty much what the band is made of. This song started somewhere out in Alberta last summer. It got picked up again in Vancouver where chords were added and the song was finished. Already it was winter. And by the time it got put to tape at Waterhouse Studios, in Paris France, it was spring. The landscape looks so calm when it's covered in snow, but when that snow melts it really looks a mess. Muddy grass may not seem like much, but for wild geese it is something to eat. Sometimes you're better off seeing things for what they are."

Flowers From The Man who Shot Your Cousin has just released a debut album called "Hapless" on Waterhouse Records. One of the nicest things I've heard said about it was that it "hit a really satisfying balance of nearly-but-not-quite traditional chord sequences, subtle innovation, and lack of either old-fashioned or trendy clichés." A less insightful listener thought it just sounded like Leonard Cohen. Both are true.

date : March of 2006
artist : Arnaud Rivière
title : jasshot-banana
format : mp3
length : 2'56
size : 4Mo

contact :

link :


"a catchy single should last less than 3 minutes or will never be" Who is the author The Queen? Branson? or Posh Spice? without a doubt someone who know what he talk about, that's sure.
And you've got to follow those kind of rules, if not, everything goes wrong.
In fact, it's exactly like in the radio, that's nothing, just some noise.

date : December of 2005
band : Do Shaska !
title : belkiss das lrreich
format : mp3
length : 9'10
size : 8Mo

contact :

links :



Electronics, experimental, tribal, music of tcheques of Do Shaska !defie labels. "belkiss das lrreich" mixes guitar learnedly and sounds electronic in an environment or fright and anguish mix. It should be noted that Do shaska was etait already distinguished on our compilation "Je suis un étranger" last June by offering a collaboration based on the Arab.

date : December of 2005
band : Sun Plexus
title : Jouis dans mon cul salaud
format : mp3 ou streaming shockwave
length : 55'
size : 50Mo

contact :

links :



Christmas approaches... To celebrate it as it should be, Sun Plexus offers to us a quite beautiful bruitist recording of almost one hour simply entitled "Jouis dans mon cul Salaud" that we could translate in something like "Come in my ass, bastard". Merzbow and other Wolf Eyes are still afraid about it. Sun Plexus pushes further the limits, the tympanums bleed but it is a real pleasure, pleasure of the distortion, pleasure of volume... a true unbounded sound orgy... Merry Christmas!

Sun Plexus's Album "Or ou ferraille? A quelle Profondeur?" is still available in our catalogue.

date : September of 2005
band : Dither
title : master
format : mp3
length : 6'10
size : 11Mo

contact :
links :


After the big success of "Summit" Dither returns with its fifth full-lenght entitled "Amek" who plunges us into a sensory universe particularly rich and surprising.
Like a sound architect he has built an intense album of electronica, very fluid and subtle. Clicks& cuts and melodies blend with an astonishing serenity.This is a three-dimensional piece of music with clear but moving forms and sometimes dissonant. The construction of this album is a subtle work of precision which combines melodies and environments with a great ease. Like a serpent the sound of Dither has moulted and all the ingredients are joined together to make this cd a must for all idm and electronica addicts.
Here is 74 minutes of happiness for the fans of Richard Divine, Aphex twin or Dino Félipe.

date : September of 2005
band : Docteur Audigusta
title : Pas Elle là!
format : mp3
length : 3'50
size : 3.5Mo

contact :
links :


"Doing music is a bit like cooking: influences can be mixed just like ingredients. Dr Audigusta cooks fine and elegant cuisine, mixing electro, rock and jazz influences to draw out the best of each flavor.

Has a great chef been born, soon to be referenced in the Michelin guide?

" You can choose to bite the music in the flesh, or just pick a few notes...
You can listen to a composition within it's most subtle harmonies or just grasp an earful of it...
Anyway, you, as a listener, must use your ears to chew and swallow the musical substance... and digest it"

"Je t'écoute quand tu manges (I am listening to you while you are eating)"
Docteur Audigusta
"Saveurs|Sonores" editions

Docteur Audigusta’s project was born as a result of this everlasting quest for new flavors. This search resulted in a compilation of recipes from various musical cultures.
All this would never have been possible without the SYN-Sthèse©. This incredible instrument was built from the plans left by the late Docteur Audigusta, who after devoting his entire life to the exploration of sounds and tastes, became obsessed with reaching the alchemy between the two senses and designed this machine. Just before he could start to build it, he was suddenly struck by death while enjoying one of these fine tasting and crunchy albums.
Thanks to the detailed documentation he has left behind, and to the numerous and varied ingredients in his library, the SYN-Sthèse© could finally be built and some first experiments were successfully carried out. This cooking book is the result of all these experiments."

date : June of 2005
band : David Fenech
title : alaeeeygh
format : mp3
length : 2'42
size : 5.1Mo

contact :
links :


david fenech is living in Paris and plays a lot of
instruments. His music is sometimes quiet and sometimes
noisy... depending on the project he's working on.
The only link between these sounds is the use of
vocals on almost every piece he does. For this
exclusive mp3 track, david has chosen to create
a music specifically for the mp3 format. The result
is a music that sounds compressed.. a sound that plays
well on multimedia speakers of common desktop PC. and
even with the compression, the emotion is here.
with a strange feeling : is it the voice of a child
or the voice of a dwarf ?

Title :
david fenech - alaeeeygh , mp3 / 5,1MB / 256kbps

Instruments played :
- kitchen toolset
- computer
- pizzicato violin
- small casio
- singing
- electric guitar

The cover is a view of the Eiffel tower at night.

The title means nothing. It's "phonetic poetry",
just like the lyrics.

more information about david fenech can be found here


date : June of 2005
band : SZ
title : no competition
format : mp3
length : 9'21
size : 8.7Mo

contact :
links :


SZ is a french duo (Franck Litzler - guitare, ex-Natsat member, and Damien Litszler - drums) discovered by the french label Hinah and drunk dog records.

SZ builds a musical universe between folk and minimalism with repetitives loops, ruptures, not far from post-rock and electronic influences coming from their work with Hot-east, a talentuous hip-hop DJ.

SZ is always looking for new experimentations in their work :

- on stage, the band works as a quartet with a string player

- in studio, the band has just realised sample's zeal : a cd with 62 non finished songs/samples of a 75 sec length each all coming from improvised experimentations at home. SZ offers those samples on download for free : : "fuck copyright!"

With"no competition" they offer us a beautiful picture of their work as a quartet, mixing together a melancholic strings, noisy samples and post-rock beat.

date : March of 2005
band : The Sadnesses
title : I Love You, Sheila Chandra
format : mp3
length : 4'04
size : 5.7Mo

contact :
(at) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
links :


The ingredients of The Sadnesses’ musical bundt-cake include, but are not limited to, breathing, a harmonium, a lifetime of musical exploration, bird sounds, the sounds of deep space and the deep sea, fashion magazines, bubbly pop, speedy metal, musique concréte, chocolate with cornflakes inside, hundreds
of concerts seen and played, rapid boredom, the Boredoms, outlandish costumery, a love of antique postcards and ideals, analogue keyboards, homemade keyboards, Airplane! 2 (the movie), Grease 2 (the movie), patience, impatience, chocolate old-fashioned donuts, veggie burgers, a deep admiration and
appreciation for efficient mass transit, stainless-steel anything, Francoise Hardy, anything that is mini or see-through or lenticular, Fela Kuti, many allergies, tiny multi-colored candy sprinkles, and a strong aversion to all crap made by Steven
Spielberg and/or Tom Hanks.

The Sadnesses consists of just one man: Cory Vielma.

The Sadnesses comes from San Francisco, USA, but now lives in Berlin, Germany. The Sadnesses has many CD-type music-related releases, but this title “I Love You, Sheila Chandra” appears on none of them.


date : Mars 2005
band : International Hyper Rythmique
title : vivre sa vie
format : mp3
length : 2'47
size : 2.6Mo

contact :
links :

International Hyper Rythmique is a one-man project released by Jean-Martial Guilhem. We discovered his work with a great review in the famous french magazine Magic. International Hyper Rythmique creates a unique musical world made of cut up, unforeseeable architectures. An avant-gardist and underground world, which invites the listener to a worried introspection.

date : Décember of 2004
band : Christophe Bailleau
title : lemure
format : mp3
length : 4'15
size : 3.9Mo

movie : blindtest (with Julie Marechal)
format : quictime .mov
length : 1'48
size : 10.2Mo

contact :
links :


Christophe Bailleau mixes acoustic sources (guitar, voices and also percussions) with concrete, domestic sounds and creates a game based on wait, silences and stormy tensions, a music at the same time warm and worrying, in the tradition of people like Microstoria or Jim O'Rourke.

Christophe Bailleau is born in France and lives in Brussels since fifteen years. After having played in various bands in France and in Belgium, from rock to techno, through experimental and gothic, he plays from now on under his own name.
His performances are most often accompanied by his non-narrative movies. Christophe makes also poetic, bizarre short movies (presented at various festivals in 2002 and 2003), as well as sound installations and sculptures.
A track has been released in 2003 on Belgian label kraak-3 latest compilation, and a mini lp was produced by micro-label Soundzfromnowhere from Luxembourg; an album is foreseen with aMute, while another collaboration with Robert Hampson from Main is in the pipeline.

date : september 2004
band :SM Productions
song : Sens (featuring Paola)

format : mp3
length : 4'43
size: 4.4Mo
contact : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(at) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
links :


SM Productionfor Sako and Mako : the two fellows with whom it all began.
Two friends not short of talent(s) and who revel in expressing it in various fields, both together and individually.
Sako is a musician, graphic artist and radio musical programmer. Mako is a sound engineer who also composes music for movies and commercials.
In 2003, they created SM Productions together. They mix a type of hip hop where East Coast meets abstract hip hop, yet always sounding precise and inspired, as well as melancholic and cinematographic.
Their first album includes featurings from several NY crews (special thanks to my man Locksmith) and from the French rapper James Delleck. Entitled “Under Construction”, it will be released shortly by Fluofluid.
The unreleased track "Sens", feat. the brazilian singer Paola, lets us enter another part of their musical universe, less underground, more trip hop.

date : june 2004
band : gâtechien
title : i wanna be your god
format : mp3
length : 4'46
size : 4.4Mo
contact :

date :march 2004
band :dj_ponkifier_vs_pantherred
song : hardly_finished_1

format : mp3
length : 3'12
size: 4.5Mo
contact :

This collaboration is the perfect opportunity for Ponkifier to get the push it’s been waiting for and wake up the genius hibernating within this pedal virtuoso and skilled amateur of interference and white noise of all kinds.
As for Pantherred (which is nothing but an embarrassing outgrowth of the little bourgeois musicians of Donna), they seem to be tempting us to tease them in an experimental recreation far from the shackles that they generally twist around in with strange pleasure. Their recordings are the result of long improv sessions, cut-up, mixed and put back together with difficulty, flouting all preconceived stylistic ideas… Obviously, the two are thick as thieves and seem to take a devious pleasure in dragging their imaginary audience on their musical meanderings through a symphony rained-on with drizzle” .

date :december 2003
band : bleetch
song : 00:08:24 (00:05:09 remixed by Bleetch)

format : mp3
length : 8'24
size: 7.7Mo
contact :

Bleetch (active member of the webzine etherreal) propose us a remix of a melmac song and transform it to a wonderful electronic experimentation that remind us of autechre or of the productions of the mego label. This remix has been done for the festival le placard in july of 2003. Bleetch played there in front of an audience for the first time ever. Wonderful experience! We just can't wait for his following work!

date :september 2003
band : sug[r]cane
song : song for joana
format : mp3
length : 5'04
size: 4.7Mo
contact :

sug [r ]cane is an inexhaustible sound manipulating and pattern-tracing low-fi opium machine,expressing various melancholic compositions with deconstructed and reversed guitar samples,unorthodox-trash-click and cut beat samples reigning in dense experimental and melodic atmospheres. His work reminds us of mix between Aphex Twin and Kid 606.

Cut works also for the hyper active luxemburgean label soundzfromnowhere. One of his remix will be available on the next ronda release Lucky.R (rnd03 - november 2003).

date : june 2003
band : silencio
song :
chateau landon (sad Coco'nut mix )
format : mp3
length : 5'48
contact :

Eglantine records is an indie strucuture whose goal is to promote small talentful artists. The music styles that the label covers goes from indie /lo-fi rock/ post rock to electronic or experimental music.
The creators of the
label shows us their eclectism by remixing Chateau Landon's Anaconda (RND00) with a version that will remind the experimentation of the label Mego.

This song will be present on the next Silencio EP on Another Record.

All of Eglantine releases are strictly limited to 100 copies in a hand made packaging.
After 2 amazing first releases (.Tape et Parsons & Spies), Eglantine will make a compilation where we will hear melmac among others...

date : march 2003
band : blue haired girl
song :
long song
format : mp3
length : 2'55
contact :

Blue Haired Girlplays a post-rock influenced by (among others...) Tortoise or Aerial M. With this title "Long song", Blue Haired Girl wins the gamble of a surprising meeting between melancolic guitar arpeggio and sample of mongolian voices.
An amazing sonic trip into yet unknwon lands.

Blue-Haired Girl got together around a handful of fundamentals records (Tortoise, Labradford, Ulan Bator, Yann Tiersen…) at the beginning of 1998 in Nancy. The band started to frame disparate instrumental tracks with Didier and Geoffroy's guitars, bass and keyboards. With the addition of Wojtek's drumkit, a demo was recorded on 4-tracks during summer in Dijon. The twelve songs -if sometimes a bit tentative- from this CD whose distribution was very limited, got a promising review in Kerosene. During the following year, tracks piled up, brittle or fierce, melodious or offkey, but nothing tangible emerged from the second recording session of summer 99… Tunes were aplenty but the band did not really work out, and eventually Wojtek decided to walk away… (see his band's website in the links). Fortunately, fate had its own way and Joseph joined in. As a cello player, he did not only bring his instrument's harmony, but also his open-mindedness and musical knowledge. A few gigs were improvised at home, but… Joseph had to move to Belfort for a whole year and the project could not really move forward. Meanwhile, the band's sound was getting richer with the use of traditional instruments (Epinette des Vosges, Uzbek Doutar, Turkish Baralla, Indian sitar). In September 2000, with the coming of Joseph and Pierre H. (multi-instrumentalist-composer-interpreter), the start of a commonage was created along with the emergence of two different bands: firstly, JUST SPIRIT (Didier: guitar-bass, Geoffroy: guitar-drums-bass-singing, Joseph: singing-guitar-bass and Pierre H.: drums-bass), a Lo-fi "engineer" punk band which prowled the darkest bars of Nancy looking for an audience for its committed songs; and secondly, Blue-Haired Girl. To make up for the absence of rhythmic support and enhance the sound of the group, a connection was found with Yann. Electronics fan (rhythms and samples) and sound-crazy, his joining the band completely reshaped the structure of the tracks. Until then, the drums had commanded the stable and earthbound compositions, but Yann's rhythmic programming eventually made the building of towers of sounds that would aim at the skies possible. A few gigs took place during which instruments were swapped whilst playing the set, invading the stage and everybody contributed bits by bits to the tracks. The slow rhythm of Blue-Haired Girl was still carrying on… During summer 2001, a recording session was started in a small studio in Grenoble that was to last for more than a year, along with gigs and song composition periods. At the beginning of 2002, Michel enrolled. As a guitar player sharing influences and sound experiments with Blue-Haired Girl, he first joined the band on stage to allow the display of all the musical parts, before fully taking part in the life and composition of the tracks. Eventually, during summer 2002, the website was officially launched and four tracks were released (mp3 and CD) among the huge collection of existing ones.


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